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What Others Are Saying About Us
"My wife would shiver at night every time I touched her with my cold hands and feet. I told her I couldn’t help how my hands and feet felt and thought maybe I had poor blood circulation or something. Well, I did indeed have poor circulation, but I had no idea that this could be related to hypothyroidism. Turns out this was probably also why I was starting to lose hair for the first time in my life. That was not a good feeling. I got the help I needed with the Thyroid Rescue 911 formula and now I’m a hypothyroidism success story. If anyone out there has the same symptoms that I had, I definitely recommend trying this new health supplement."

Robert C.
Madison, WI
"Just four short weeks ago I would have never in a million years guessed that I would be writing this testimonial today. I really didn’t feel like there was much hope for me. I was tired all the time and overweight. I was feeling depressed which was contributing to my foggy thinking and wondering why this was all happening to me. I tried all sorts of eating programs, diet teas, plus walking two miles per day. My body had no reaction, and it just wouldn’t allow the changes I wanted. Until I found Thyroid Rescue 911. Now I finally found something that works! My tummy is already looking slimmer and my days are looking brighter. I have newfound energy and excitement about life. I’m just happy. Thank you."

Pamela Q.
Henderson, NV
"As I write this, I’m sort of kicking myself. You see I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism all the way back when I was 20 years old. I guess I was in a different mindset then because I must not have taken it seriously. I always forgot to take my pills and then I eventually just stopped taking them altogether and never really thought about it again. But then I went through the next 20+ years of my life fighting a losing battle to keep the extra pounds off. All the cardio at the gym and starving myself on one diet after another. All this led to lukewarm results of maybe losing 2-3 pounds at a time, but never losing the extra flab around my belly... and I couldn’t figure out why? Now in my 40’s, I remembered that I had this underactive thyroid and why don’t I finally do something about it? I started taking the Thyroid Rescue 911 capsules only 3 weeks ago and I’ve already lost 10 pounds without changing anything else about my life. Now I’m ready to also start eating better and exercising more because I can’t wait to see what’s next for me. Thank you Thyroid Rescue 911 for kick-starting my metabolism and making the pounds come off literally with no effort. Of course, I only wish I started with you sooner."

Ryan S.
White Plains, NY
“This was hands-down the best and smartest investment I have ever made in my health. I say this because I was otherwise healthy… or so I thought. I never got sick enough to go to the doctor normally, but I did have dry skin and I learned that I had some blood pressure issues as well. I had no idea in a million years that these things were somehow related to an underactive thyroid. But this is what my situation had presented me. I took the guidance of a natural practitioner and started taking Thyroid Rescue 911 six weeks ago. I’m only writing to you today to let you know that your product worked like a charm for me. My hands, arms and legs are no longer dry and itchy. Probably even better news is that my blood pressure has quickly returned to the normal range. I got the exact results I was looking for!”

Darleen P.
Wichita, KS
“I wouldn’t have guessed that my bad moods, my inability to concentrate and my foggy thinking were connected to having an issue with my thyroid! Truthfully, I never had a clue what the thyroid does. But now I know it regulates some really important systems in our bodies and that I had to get mine fixed. That’s why I tried your Thyroid Rescue 911 product after doing lots of research on the internet. And my research wasn’t so easy to accomplish with my foggy brain. It probably took me twice as long then to read through everything compared to how well my brain is working now. I’m processing information much faster and I’m not falling into my bad moods anymore. My wife and family are glad that I’m not a grump anymore. We all thank you.”

Johnny E.
Garland, TX
“You would think at 53 years old I was too young to not have the energy to do everyday tasks. It got me down and feeling really sad. I was way LOW energy and I really was just not caring about what happened in my life. This led to weight gain and not really wanting to do much. I was so ‘blah’ and lazy. Lucky for me, my wife’s friend told her that it might sound strange but I could have a thyroid problem. I got checked out and it turns out she was right. I give Thyroid Rescue 911 all the credit for bringing my thyroid back to the normal range. It worked just like you said it would. My energy is back to like it was when I was a younger man, I have more excitement about my everyday life AND I’ve also lost 15 pounds which is making me very happy and motivating me to exercise again.”

Addy C.
Braintree, MA

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